February 1, 2017

I’ve conducted a number of funerals as a Pastor. Occasionally I must bite my tongue (so to speak) when I hear people comfort themselves in saying the deceased has ‘gone to a better place’. Maybe. But why would they think that if the deceased didn’t believe in God or have any faith commitment?

Why now should there suddenly be a ‘better place’ and the deceased have rights to it?

In a sense, a funeral should give us a moment to confirm convictions with crystal clarity. We should know what we believe, why we believe and be confident in what happens next. But so often, people don’t want to put much thought into this. They want to skim over the ‘what happens next’ question and head straight to the comfort of ‘a better place’ for those who want it.

Some people ridicule Christians for their faith because they think it’s just ‘blind faith’. But it’s not. I...

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