March 30, 2017

If I prayed and asked God to do something, can I rightfully claim that He isn’t good, or isn’t able or it's not His will if He doesn’t do it when I ask? If I asked you to do something for me this week and you didn’t do it, would that automatically mean you aren’t a good person, or you’re weak and useless, or that you just don't want to?

How often do we make judgements about God based upon our expectations of what is right, or reasonable or needed? 

Many Christian’s in affluent nations struggle with the conflict between the truth of God’s love and the reality of their seemingly unanswered prayers.  I think it often has a lot to do with the conditioning we’re raised with in our ‘consumer focussed’ society.  We expect that when we place an order, we should receive the goods the way we want, when we want and with the least amount of cost and effort....

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