July 30, 2017

Apparently, cats can see using one sixth the amount of light needed by humans to see.

This would explain why our family cat has been stood on or kicked – accidentally – at night-time on more than one occasion.  She enthrones herself in the most dangerous of locations – e.g. the middle of our stairwell – and expects that we can see her at night time just as she can see us.  But we can’t – we’re designed for daytime vision, not night time. Sorry cat - move over!

We were made for living in the light and resting during the dark.

But sometimes God will lead us through dark times in our lives and at such times, we can’t rely upon the vision of our natural eyes. Dark times and difficult circumstances, when we face confusion and despair, are when our ability to see clearly, our view of life, and our hope for the future can be greatly impaired. It’s t...

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