April 21, 2018

I was sad to hear a big blow up in the news recently regarding a Christian rugby star saying gays are going to hell.  The truth is, gays do go to hell, and so do straight people.  Tall people, short people; good people, bad people; white people, black people.  That’s why Jesus chose to sacrifice His life – because we ALL needed saving from hell, destruction, the consequences of a fallen, sinful state.  God so loved gay, straight, good, bad, rich, poor people, that He made a way that we can all come to know His grace that saves us from the bondage and corruption of this fallen world. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking one people group is going to hell, when another one isn’t; or, that one people group is good enough to earn eternal life, when others aren’t.  We’re all in trouble if we have to stand before a perfect, all knowing judge!...

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